Top 10 World’s Youngest Billionaires [Updated List]

A century ago, billionaires had everything to do with age and business experience. However, today things have changed for the better as the younger generation seem to also have an eye for really huge money. It must be duly noted that some of these billions could be from family inheritance, technology  and business startups. This year the young belle Kylie Jenner beacame the youngest self made billionaire a record previous;y held by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

According to Forbes’ 2018 World Billionaires rankings, there were 63 billionaires under the age of 40 with a cumulative wealth of $265 billion. This group is roughly 3% of the total number of world billionaires and about the same in terms of cumulative wealth. Below is a list by Factboyz containing the young champs who have all the money they want!