SHOCKING: 11 Frightening True Life Stories Of People Possessed By Demons

#2. The Ammons Family:

The frightening ordeal of this family with paranormal forces began in 2014 when clouds of flies accumulated near their house, walls emanated creepy noises and wet footprints appeared on floors. The alleged haunting and demonic possession which occurred in Gary, Indiana, in the United States had Latoya Ammons, her mother, Rosa Campbell, and her three children claim paranormal activity in their residence. The story was publicized in January 2014 and received national attention. Gary police Capt. Charles Austin said he thought the story involving a mother and three children being possessed was a hoax until he visited the house several times. Since then, he said he’s a “believer.”

The mother believed spirits were preying on her three children as she reported her son of walking up a wall backwards and across the ceiling, another one smacked across the room and her daughter levitating while being unconscious. The kids apparently spoke in grave tones, giggled evilly, rolled back eyes in their heads and upon investigation, authorities got convinced of demonic presence.

Eventually, this caught the attention of the Catholic Church and priests exorcised the demons. Since then, the family claims things have turned back to normal.

#1. Julia

In 2008, Dr. Richard Gallagher, a psychiatrist and faculty member at the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Institute, was given a unique opportunity: He was asked by a bishop to provide a psychiatric evaluation of a woman who claimed to be attacked by demons. His experiences, which he published in the New Oxford Review, were somewhat startling.

During his evaluation, the woman, to whom he gave the pseudonym “Julia” to protect her identity, would be completely normal. But at random intervals, she would go into a brief trance followed by a rage during which she would begin shouting at Gallagher and the attending priest, screaming at them to “Go away you idiots! Leave her alone!” Objects fell off the shelves in the room, and Julia would start violently shaking. Then, like a light switch, she’d be back to normal with no memory of any of it.

After the evaluation, the decision was reached to perform an exorcism, which Gallagher also attended. As the ritual began, Julia again screamed and cursed at the priests, sometimes in Latin and Spanish. Three men held her in her chair while she struggled, and she screamed in pain when sprinkled with holy water. Allegedly, she also levitated 15 centimeters (6 in) off the ground for half an hour.