SHOCKING: 11 Frightening True Life Stories Of People Possessed By Demons

Here at lifefactreport, we are interested in bringing creepy facts to our readers; strictly for informative and entertainment purposes.
It is no longer news that paranormal activities surround us, and most times it leaves us in wonder and real inquisition of what exactly is in the great beyond. Creepy things like witches, demons, hauntings often lead people to seek out answers to the unseen. For Christians, Jesus Christ is the perfect answer to happenings like this as deliverance sessions and exorcisms are carried out almost on daily basis all over the world. We bring to you 10 true life stories of demon possessions and we leave the floor open for you to be the judge.

#11. Anneliese Michel:

1. Anneliese Michel was woman from Germany who claimed that she was possesed by demons. She was raised in Chatolic family. She noticed first signs of demonic possesion when she was 16. She started to get epileptic attacks and then some hallucinations too. After the regular medicine methods were not showing any results, she was treated by local bishop exorcist who used Catholic methods in order to cure her from possesion.

#10. The Story of George Lukins

In 1778, English tailor George Lukins claimed to be possessed. The man would often sing in a voice and language that was not his own, and finally neighbors, concerned by his increasingly frightening behavior, reached out to the church to help the man.

Lukins was sent to a hospital for over twenty months, but doctors could not help him. His caregivers discharged him, even more convinced that his affliction was demonic in nature. During his possession, a very violent Lukins reportedly claimed that he was the devil, barked like a dog, and sang hymns backward. In 1778, after Lukins claimed to be possessed by seven demons that could only be driven out by seven clergymen, the church got involved. Seven priests assembled at Temple Church, where they performed an exorcism. When the ceremony was over, priests claimed that the man had been delivered from the demons who possessed him, and George Lukins exclaimed, “Blessed Jesus!” Lukins then praised God, recited the Lord’s prayer, and thanked the priests.


#9. The Story of Gottliebin Dittus

In 1843, Pastor Johann Christoph Blumhart freed a young woman from severe demonic possession. The woman, named Gottliebin Dittus, was a member of his church and was reported to display many classic signs of being possessed—she would levitate and spew filth toward Christ, the Church, and specifically Blumhart.

Dark apparitions always appeared around the young lad who would always scream, shouting about hell and specific demons from hell! During her moments of brief calmness, she would plead to Jesus to be saved from the possession and to see the power of Heaven to free her from her torment.Her convulsions lasted periodically over the next year, and there would be regular exorcism sessions during which she was prayed over by the congregation, always led by Pastor Blumhart. After one final, intense exorcism session, she was freed and was never again bothered by demonic possession, convulsions, and dark apparitions. Creepy right?

#8. David Berkowitz, AKA “Son of Sam”

In 1976, the people of New York City were terrorized by a serial killer known as the “Son of Sam,” or the “.44 Caliber Killer.” For more than a year, the killer lead police on a wild goose chase, leaving behind taunting notes at the crime scenes. Six people were killed and seven others severely wounded in the “Summer of Sam.”

When the killer was finally apprehended, he was identified as David Berkowitz. Berkowitz confessed to all of the shootings and claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon. Berkowitz did not claim to be possessed himself, however; he claimed that his neighbor’s dog was possessed, and the dog had ordered him to perform the killings. Berkowitz was sentenced to six life sentences, and in the mid-1990s he issued an amendment to his confession, claiming that he had indeed been a member of a Satanic cult that had orchestrated the incidents as part of a ritual murder.

#7. The True Story Behind The Exorcist:

In the 1940’s priests in America were called to perform a series of exorcisms on an anonymous boy, dubbed, ‘Roland Doe’. The boy was said to be possessed by demonic spirits.
Apparently, his aunt introduced him to the Ouija board. But shortly after she died, strange things started happening. Furniture would move on its own accord and objects began to levitate and fly about when Roland was near.
His family feared he was possessed by his dead aunt. During one exorcism, he allegedly slipped a hand out of the restraints and broke a bed spring from his mattress. Then he used it to slash the priest’s arm.
Priests reported the bed shaking, Roland speaking in a harsh, husky voice, speaking fluent Latin, and apparently words such as ‘evil’ and ‘hell’ appeared on his body in blood.
His shocking story inspired the 1971 novel, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, which was then made into the 1973 horror movie.

#6. Elizabeth Knapp:

During the colonial era in the New World, right in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, an indentured servant known as Elizabeth Knapp became possessed by demons. She was lured in by promises of riches and an easy life; such promises easily turned this 16-year-old girl to the dark side of Christianity.

She began to have convulsions and verbally abuse the reverend, who was attempting to heal her, as well as her father and other members of the congregation she was a part of. Her body and face became grotesquely contorted, and she would utter blasphemies with her mouth wide open and motionless.Her tongue was drawn out of her mouth at an inhuman length, and screams came from around the room. She was eventually successfully exorcised, but the trauma and memories the experience left on the girl were incurable.

#5. Anna Ecklund: The Earling Possession

By the time she was just fourteen years-old, a girl from Earling, Iowa named Anna Ecklund began showing signs of demonic possession. The girl had been raised a devout Catholic, however her father and aunt, who practiced witchcraft, allegedly cursed the girl routinely and used herbs to taint her food. Soon, she could not tolerate religious artifacts, became sexually depraved, and could not enter a church. In 1912, the girl underwent a successful exorcism, but after being “cured” of her possession, her father and aunt prayed to Satan for her to suffer even more, and within a year the girl had become possessed by multiple entities, many of whom are said to be the same spirits who possessed Annaliese Michel.

In 1928, Ecklund again sought help from the church. She was placed in a convent where her exorcism would take place, and the girl’s behavior worsened while in the care of the nuns. When the nuns would bless her food before entering her room, Ecklund could sense the blessing. She would hiss at the nuns and throw the food on the floor. She would tolerate food that had not been blessed. Witnesses testified to seeing the girl speak and understand foreign languages she’d never heard before. They also claimed that she defied gravity by levitating and clinging to the wall. The girl was clairvoyant and often vomited and spit at the priests. Her eyes bulged and her body was so bloated and heavy that she nearly broke the iron bed on which she lay.

After twenty-three days and three complete exorcism rituals, the clergymen finally declared her free from the demons who had possessed her.

#4. The Perron Family:

In 1971, the Perron family moved into their new home in rural Burrillville, Rhode Island, a sweeping farmhouse built in the 18th century. It was to be the start of a new life for the Perrons and their five young daughters; and it was, but not in the way they expected. After only a few nights in the house, Carolyn Perron, the mother, awoke to the specter of an old woman hung by the neck from her bedroom ceiling. Over the next few weeks, strange sounds emanated from the crawlspaces and cellar of the house, doors would open themselves and slam shut, food would sweat blood.

With the help of paranormal investigators, the Perrons discovered that a witch practicing in the 18th century had supposedly sacrificed her own child to Satan, opened the house to the devil, and then hung herself. The Perrons came to believe that the witch’s ghost—as well as a myriad of demons and the ghosts of further suicides on the property—were haunting them. One of the daughters, Andrea Perron, now in her fifties, still maintains that the story is completely true, and that her mother even became possessed at one point. She says, “The only time I was truly terrified in that house was the night I thought I saw my mother die. She spoke in a voice we had never heard before, and a power not of this world threw her 20 feet into another room.”

The Perron story is the inspiration for the film The Conjuring, but the film doesn’t tell the whole story—after Mrs. Perron was possessed, the family stayed in the house for about nine more years, and just sort of “learned to live” with the spirits.

#3. Clara Germana Cele:

In 1906, Clara Germana Cele was a Christian student at St. Michael’s Mission in Natal, South Africa. For some reason, Cele prayed and made a pact with Satan when she was sixteen years-old, and just days later, Cele was overtaken by strange impulses. She was repulsed by religious artifacts like crucifixes, she could speak and understand several languages of which she had no previous knowledge, and she became clairvoyant regarding the thoughts and histories of the people around her.

Nuns who attended to Cele reported that she produced horrible, animalistic sounds; she also levitated up to five feet in the air. Eventually, two priests were brought in to perform an exorcism. Cele tried to strangle one of the priests with his stole, and over one hundred and seventy people witnessed her levitating as the priests read Scripture. Over the course of two days, the rites of exorcism successfully drove the dark spirits from her body.

#2. The Ammons Family:

The frightening ordeal of this family with paranormal forces began in 2014 when clouds of flies accumulated near their house, walls emanated creepy noises and wet footprints appeared on floors. The alleged haunting and demonic possession which occurred in Gary, Indiana, in the United States had Latoya Ammons, her mother, Rosa Campbell, and her three children claim paranormal activity in their residence. The story was publicized in January 2014 and received national attention. Gary police Capt. Charles Austin said he thought the story involving a mother and three children being possessed was a hoax until he visited the house several times. Since then, he said he’s a “believer.”

The mother believed spirits were preying on her three children as she reported her son of walking up a wall backwards and across the ceiling, another one smacked across the room and her daughter levitating while being unconscious. The kids apparently spoke in grave tones, giggled evilly, rolled back eyes in their heads and upon investigation, authorities got convinced of demonic presence.

Eventually, this caught the attention of the Catholic Church and priests exorcised the demons. Since then, the family claims things have turned back to normal.

#1. Julia

In 2008, Dr. Richard Gallagher, a psychiatrist and faculty member at the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Institute, was given a unique opportunity: He was asked by a bishop to provide a psychiatric evaluation of a woman who claimed to be attacked by demons. His experiences, which he published in the New Oxford Review, were somewhat startling.

During his evaluation, the woman, to whom he gave the pseudonym “Julia” to protect her identity, would be completely normal. But at random intervals, she would go into a brief trance followed by a rage during which she would begin shouting at Gallagher and the attending priest, screaming at them to “Go away you idiots! Leave her alone!” Objects fell off the shelves in the room, and Julia would start violently shaking. Then, like a light switch, she’d be back to normal with no memory of any of it.

After the evaluation, the decision was reached to perform an exorcism, which Gallagher also attended. As the ritual began, Julia again screamed and cursed at the priests, sometimes in Latin and Spanish. Three men held her in her chair while she struggled, and she screamed in pain when sprinkled with holy water. Allegedly, she also levitated 15 centimeters (6 in) off the ground for half an hour.

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