10 Ways You’re Catching Coronavirus Without Realizing It

9. Your Cell Phone Can Be a Good Source of Infection

Even if you wear gloves while shopping or in public transport or at work, when you touch your phone you can transfer viruses from gloves to the surface of your phone. It is a good practice to not use your phone as much—but if you need to, make sure you wipe it with a disinfectant wipe as often as possible. The virus can stay on your phone and then it can be transferred to your hands. You can catch infection without realizing it as soon as you touch your face or mouth with infected hands.

10. You’ve Touched Anything On This List

Magazines at the doctor’s office. The bottom of your handbag. The A/C buttons in your car. Our editors have made a list of the 40 Things You Should Never Touch Due to Coronavirus—and it’s worth clicking to read it, given the risks.

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