10 Ways You’re Catching Coronavirus Without Realizing It

With the coronavirus outbreak rapidly growing worldwide, one thing doctors like me know for sure is that COVID-19 is very good at infecting people. We already know that some people are much more susceptible to infection and it can put healthy individuals in critical condition, when others don’t experience any symptoms at all but they are still able to infect a great number of people.

Asymptomatic individuals—meaning, those who are infected but do not show symptoms—contribute most to the virus spread and they are the source of further infections due to there being more of them and the higher likelihood that they were out and about. Therefore, the only safe place for you is your home. As soon as you leave it you are exposed to infection. Also, if you let anyone in you put yourself at risk. Here are 10 ways you are catching the virus without realizing it.

1. You’ve Gone Shopping and Mixed with Other People

COVID-19 spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes small droplets with the virus into the air. If you breathe them in or you touch the surface they have landed on, you may develop infection. That is why social distancing is very important and many shops are enforcing it. Please do everything you can to have your food delivered—and if you do go shopping, keep at least six feet from others, including when waiting in line, and follow my advice in the next slide.

2. You’re Touching Objects Without Protection

Supermarkets and gas stations provide an ideal setting for virus spread as many people touch and replace items, swipe credit cards, press parking lot ticket machine buttons, ATM machines and paper receipts. It is very important to wash your hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer after going there. Also, treat all surfaces as contaminated and avoid touching your face after touching anything especially shopping baskets or trolleys. Wear disposable gloves if you can every time you go shopping and dispose them straight after. Try to use contactless payment method if you can. And always wear a face mask.