10 Warning Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels. The condition occurs because the pancreas cannot produce enough of the hormone that balances blood sugar or because the cells are unable to respond to the hormone the body releases to control it. At present, there is no cure for diabetes. People with this disorder can only undergo treatment to prevent further complications associated with diabetes. Early detection is always key. It enables people to take quick and appropriate action to ensure the situation does not worsen and complications do not develop. To detect the onset of diabetes as early as possible, doctors and at-risk individuals can watch for certain signs and symptoms.

Urinating Too Often

Diabetes makes blood sugar rise to abnormally high levels, which forces the kidneys to work harder to eliminate excess sugar. The body produces excess urine when the kidneys are overworked, leading to frequent urination. This sign can also trigger more serious problems such as kidney damage and eventual kidney failure if ignored for too long. Urinating too often is a key indicator of diabetes and requires quick intervention.